Resources, Research and Useful Information about Advanced Placement
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Research & Useful Information
NPR's On Point with Denise Pope about the problems with standardized testing and our comparison to other countries. Read or listen here.

 Highlights from GTCAC April 2010 Meeting:
"GT courses or AP courses, which is best for my High School Student? Read.

The search for a new way to test schoolkids
USA Today. Read.

"It Isn't the Culture, Stupid", Education News

An Analysis of the Research on Ability Grouping, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (pdf)

10 Myths about the SAT, Read.

​The Two Worlds of Advanced Placement"
Jay Mathews, Washington Post, 7/7/08. Read

Op-Ed: "Advanced Placement Isn't For Every Student"NPR, Talk of the Nation, April 25,2011  Listen or Read the transcript 

 "Inside Ed" The Baltimore Sun Education Blog, posted by Liz Bowie, October 20, 2011
"College Board Announces Redesign of AP Classes" Read why here!

"AP Courses: How many do colleges want?"
By Valerie Strauss, Washington Post  Read.

"Not-for-Profit College Board Getting Rich as Fees Hit Students" - Bloomberg News  Read

"Test Scores Do Not Equal Merit": Executive Summary,  Read.

"Study hints AP classes overrated",by Maria Sacchetti  Read.

IvyGate Blog. "The Analogy Racket: College Board a Suspiciously Profitable Non-Profit"  Read.

"AP classes: Making kids smarter or College Board richer?" Maureen Downey  Read.

**Nice work, if you can get it***  See the Salaries and Compensation of College Board Executives here (pdf.)

See the College Board IRS 990 "non-profit" Financial Reports:

These are the most recently available reports as of Oct 2011.​
"Maryland's Uneducated High School Graduates", May 10, 2011, by Marta Mossburg  Read about the high number of Maryland students who require remedial education in college

"Why I Changed My Mind About School Reform: Federal testing has narrowed education and charter schools have failed to live up to their promise" Diane Ravitch WSJ

"Does It Matter Where You Go to College" New York Times, Opinion Page, Nov. 29, 2010  Read.

"Is College For Everyone?" WHYY Radio

"Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity" (19:29) Read.

"America's Best High Schools" 2011, The Daily Beast/Newsweek. List of 500 here.

Read about the revamped methodology used for the 2011 "America's Best High Schools" list, (adopted after The Washington Post sold it's affiliate Newsweek to a new owner in 2011).

Americans for Educational Testing Reform College Board: Non-Profit REPORT CARD!
Must Read articles about Advanced Placement Courses, the SAT and the College Board's influence on the culture of our educational system

Launchings"AP Examined", D.M  Bressoud, Dec 2010.  Read.

"Mind the (Other) Gap!  The Growing Excellence Gap in K-12 Education" (pdf)

 "Pathways to Prosperity", a new report from Harvard University Graduate School of Education has ignited a contentious debate about if we should be preparing all high school students to go to college or providing alternative routes to job-preparedness including technical training, apprenticeship programs and work-based learning. pdf.

"Students' Perceptions of the Social/Emotional Implications of Participation in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs" Read.

"Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs for Talented Students in American High Schools: A Focus on Science and Mathematics", Carolyn M. Callahan  Read.

"The Science of Education, Informing Teaching and Learning through the Brain Sciences"​ Read.

Highly Recommended Advocacy websites.....

RedAppleMom:  a fantastic resource for education advocates

End The Race To Nowhere social action website. Learn specific steps about how student's, parents, teachers, and administrators can make a difference today. 

View our local Take Action page NOW!

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Heavy Reading - for those who want to really dig deep
 Helpful  Websites
      Towson University Professor Martha Siegel's powerful, and disturbing letter about the unintended consequences of eliminating Standard, legitimate Honors, and GT courses in order to push students into too many AP courses before they are ready. Read why it can be a disservice to the students and what it looks like to the colleges and universities who are accepting these young adults into their communities.
                Read the letter here.
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