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"The Pressure on High School Students to Build Their Resume … Whose Best Interest Is It?" Read.

"Obama’s War on Schools, The No Child Left Behind Act has been deadly to public education. So why has the president embraced it"   Diane Ravitch

"Why I Changed My Mind About School Reform", Diane Ravitch, Wall Street Journal"  Read.

"Feel Bad Education, the Cult of Rigor and the Loss of Joy", by Alfie Kohn Read

"This Week's Family Dinner Download: The Crush Of Schoolwork"  Read.

"Educating for Democracy: Turning 'Good' Teachers Into 'Bad Teachers" Read.

"AP: A critical Examination of the Advanced Placement Program"
Harvard Graduate School of Education, A Summary.. Read.

The Education Conservancy,
"We Admit… Guidance from those that do"  Read.

"Change the Pace of the School Day", Denise Pope Read.
Read the opinions of other educators and experts

""A Harvard Interviewer's Haunting Memories"  Read.

"Are You Wise to Cheating?" Brian Harke, Associate Dean, USC  Read.

"Who's Cheating Whom?" by Alfie Kohn  Read.

"Sometimes Depression is a Terminal Illness: Talking to a Teenager About Suicide"  Read.

"But I Need to Assign Homework! Look at All I Have to Cover!". Alfie Kohn, 2011  Read.

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Articles that Make You Think Twice

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Facts about Teen Suicide , American
Psychiatric Association Read. 

Let's Talk Facts about Eating Disorders, American Psychiatric Association Read.

Teens and Mental Health, American Psychiatric Association Read.

American Psychiatric Association
www.Healtyhminds.org Read.

Articles that Make You Think Twice
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The Over-Scheduled Child: Avoiding the Hyper-Parenting Trap [Paperback], Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld M.D. (Author), Nicole Wise (Author), Dr. Robert Coles M.D. (Foreword)

 "The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education," by Diane Ravitch

The Overavhievers, Alexandra Robbins

The Homework Myth, Alfie Kohn

CRAZY U, One Dad’s Crash Course in Getting His Kid Into College
By Andrew Ferguson.  See New York Times Book Review here.

The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids , Madeline Levine , Ph.D. 

Motivated Minds: Raising Children to Love Learning, by Deborah Stipek Ph.D., Kathy Seal

Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed-Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students, by Ms. Denise Clark Pope 

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NOWHERE Social Action Website Reading List.

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"Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School", New York Times. Read.

"STRESSED OUT / Experts recommend moderation for students who face intense parental pressure to excel". Read.

"Success with Less Stress", Educational Leadership, Connor, Pope Galloway (pdf.)

"Stress and the High School Student", New York Times Opinion Page. Read.
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The Teenage Brain
"What were you thinking!" (not)
American Psychiatric Association
The Teen Brain: Primed to Learn, Primed to Take Risks, by Jay N. Giedd, M.D. Read.

The Amazing Adolescent Brain: What Every Educator, Youth Serving Professional, and Healthcare Provider Needs to Know (pdf.)
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 Read Towson University Professor Martha Siegel's powerful, but disturbing letter about why eliminating Standard, GT, and legitimate Honors courses in order to push students into too many AP courses is backfiring. Read why it can be a disservice to the students and what it looks like to the colleges and universities who are accepting these students into their communities.     

Read the letter here (pdf).
  * Mental Health Consequences of 
    Too Much Student Stress                 

  * Students Who Consider Suicide

  * Student Burn Out

  * Effects of Homework

  * Loss of Free time and Downtime

  * Sleep Deprivation in Teens

  * Use and Abuse of Drugs

  * Tutoring Industry

  * College Remediation

  * Advanced Placement

  * Culture Of Cheating
Amazing video clips featuring leading experts..
The Overload Problem
Unintended consequences of student overload...
  Cheating has become commonplace
Too much stress takes its toll on students' physical and mental health
Many students are 
chronically sleep deprived