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  • Also, don't overlook adding your comments to news articles published on any of the online news sites. Be polite and professional, but make your point. It's a great source of information on topics of interest and the comments tend to be widely read.

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Towson Times, Arbutus Times, Catonsville Times, North County News, Northeast Booster, Northeast Reporter, Owings Mills Times. These papers are all published by Putuxant Publishing  Click here to visit their  websites.
Click here to email any of their newpapers or online publication.  

Patch ( local online news website): Click Here for a list of their extensive neighborhood news sites and contact information! This group does some great reporting.


WBAL TV Channel 11: Contact George Lettice at

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Legislators: important information on the role and authority of our local and state legislators...

State Senators and Delegates: each state district in Maryland has one State Senator and one to three Delegates. These legislators are always deeply involved with local issues, and schools are no exception. Because Baltimore County schools receive extensive financing from the state we should always contact our state legislators about major school problems, including budget cuts, teacher cuts, climate control. To be effective, be as concise as possible, though it is fine to illustrate your concern through a short anecdote.  The legislators need specific information about the issue and what action you would like them to take, e.g. investigate, hold a hearing, advocate on your behalf, write a letter etc.  Click here to find your state legislators.

The County Executive and Baltimore County Council: despite the fact that BCPS receives most of its funding from our county government, the County Council and County Executive have no legal authority over Board of Education school policies. Nevertheless, these officials can, and do, advocate on behalf of their constituents, and they wield significant power in the “publicity” arena. They have openly opposed BCPS policies and have advocated for funding to relieve overcrowded schools. You should inform your County Council person and the County Executive about major problems in your school(s) and suggest solutions. They need to hear directly from you.  Click here to contact your county council representative. If you don't know your councilmatic district you may search it by entering your address from this link. 

Phone County Executive Kevin Kamenetz at 410-887-2450 or click here to send him an email. He needs to hear from you too!  The County Executive makes things happen (or not happen)... don't let him try tell you otherwise.
A Word on the Role of the Press, Social Media, and Television

     One of the most effective ways to advocate for change in schools is to interest the media in your issue. Don't hesitate to reach out to local reporters who may be interested in reporting your story. A personal narrative is always helpful when attempting to illustrate a broader problem. Reporters are especially interested in reporting on the activities of coalition groups, so get involved and join forces with others who have similar goals. Invite reporters to attend public meetings of interest. Write Letters to the Editors of local papers - but keep them brief and to the point. Online news sources often allow readers to post comments directly below articles - these comments can be a great source of information. Post status updates, and useful links to your Facebook page. If you feel it is appropriate, engage your students to create their own Facebook group to advocate for change or just to share experiences and information. Click here to go to our Contact Information for media.

Contact Your Legislators... scroll down the page or click here.
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Are you frustrated?  Have you exhausted all your options?  Then take if outside: click on these links to go public with your message.

  • Advocates for Better Course Choices in BCPS High Schools
  • Baltimore County Budget Cuts Student Rally
  • End Aim Now! 
  • Citizens For An Accountable Baltimore County School Board
  • Friends of Ridgely Middle 
  • Friends of Hampton Elementary 
  • StoneleighUnited
  • Towson Families United 

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