Our Mission
Through a quality educational program which provides for individual differences and which motivates and challenges each student, both academically and socially, the school’s mission is to provide within each student the hope of realizing his or her individual dreams, a desire for learning and living, and a sense of gratitude and respect for others.
What is Going On

Many BCPS high schools are eliminating core courses in:
  •   Standard (Essential Curriculum)
  •   Honors (H)
  •   Gifted and Talented (GT) 

This practice limits many students to only two possible options in high school: 
  •  Advanced Placement (AP) courses or
  •  the new, intentionally mislabeled so called "Honors" courses. 

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Use this website to determine what is happening at your school. Avoid getting the run-around: read our What to Ask pages before meeting with school officials.  Discover the tactics some schools use to manipulate enrollment by automatically enrolling students into more AP classes. Learn about the forces driving the elimination of Standard classes, legitimate Honors, and GT classes. Join with other parents and students, be an informed stakeholder, and learn to navigate the BCPS chain of command.

     Every student is unique and deserves to make their own CHOICE where to focus their limited time and energy. Just because your student demonstrates aptitude in a broad range of subjects, does not mean she should be forced into taking the most "rigorous" course level - in every single subject - every single day! There are only 24 hours in each day, and effectively being forced into taking a heavy-duty Advanced Placement course schedule is not manageable for most kids; that is... if they want to maintain a healthy and balanced life.
     Students deserve to choose their course load from a range of course skill levels!  CHOICE is what empowers them to strike the right life balance This is the most valuable lesson we can teach our kidsthey need to hear from us it is o.k.!
The problem with a 24-hour day
            Must read:              Articles that really make you think twice...

"Testing Boundaries: Some Parents and Educators are Rethinking Value of AP," Baltimore Sun investigative report by Liz Bowie. Read. 

"Your School's AP Secrets"  Read.

"Stress and the High School Student:
Reconsider Attitudes About Success" Read

"Demoting Advanced Placement", New York Times Read.

"Stressed out: More and more children being treated for emotional issues" Read.

"Are Your Kids in a Race to NowhereRead.

New York Times, "Rethinking Advanced Placement" Read.

"The Trouble With Homework", The New York Times, Sunday Review  Read.

Continued in Issues..
Race To Nowhere
Read about this extraordinary film! Parent Vicki Abeles ignites a national conversation in her new documentary about the pressures faced by American schoolchildren and their teachers in a system and culture obsessed with the illusion of achievement, competition and the pressure to perform.   

View the movie trailer here. (2:32)

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     Why it matters 

  • A One-Size-Fits-All course load is nearly impossible to manage. Most students need a mix of classes and skill levels to meet their unique needs. Students who opt out of the All AP-All the Time race, find the new "Honors" classes a poor substitute for the GT and legitimate Honors classes of yesteryear. Likewise, students who want to balance their more "rigorous" course work with courses in the Standard (Essential) curriculum are equally disadvantaged. Read more about the new “Honors” classes.

      Unintended Consequences​

  • Eliminating legitimate course choices forces some students into taking too many AP classes at one time. Read (pdf.) what Towson University Mathematics professor Martha Siegel has to say about the elimination of course choices in BCPS and the impact it is having on our students' ability to be successful in college! 

Read about us in the news:
"Testing Boundaries: Some Educators and Parents are Rethinking Value of AP", by The Baltimore Sun education reporter, Liz Bowie

AP TRANSPARENCY TOOLKIT: download it here (pdf.)
Who we are

We are a coalition of students, parents and taxpayers who believe every student in the Baltimore County Public School system (BCPS) deserves to lead a balanced, healthy, and intellectually fulfilling life.
What we want is choice

We want all BCPS high schools to restore the traditional menu of legitimate core courses including: Standard, Honors, and GT classes. 
Read: Declaration of Student Rights.
We're here to help you 

Is this happening to you? Be an informer consumer: have your student map out a Four Year High School Plan. Caution: if your student plans to take AP classes we advise they look before they leap. Use our AP Transparency Toolkit to help guide you.  As you plan, you may be surprised at the limited course options available to your students, especially as they rise into their sophomore, junior and senior years.   Feel free to CONTACT US at the link below. And don't miss our Go Public page if you need to take it outside of the school system!
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